Thursday, May 24, 2018

Digital Manipulation

Surrealism is the experiencing imagination with art. Surrealism images release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. It is basically based on dreams. Surrealism images usually look like something you would see in a dream, and it consist of things that don't usually fit together, for example, a football stadium on the beach. When I thought about the images I was going to create I didn't really know how they were going to turn out. I think the image with the most powerful message is my second image which is the mirror with the beach with grass. I believe that it has the most powerful message because it think that the image shows that there is more out there than what is in front of your face.

Next, do your research first... Explain hexadecimal colors and how color information is used in both RGB and CMYK models. What is lossy and lossless compression and how do they relate to the JPG, GIF, PNG and RAW image formats? Why does the complexity and size of digital files matter in relation to data storage limits? Describe the different uses of raster and vector graphic data. How can dithering and error diffusion be used for creative effects in Photoshop? (6 sentence minimum)

The hexadecimal colors are red, green, and blue. Color information is used in both RGB and CMYK models because it carries important key information relating to the artistic detail. Lossy format looses data when converted when lossless format preserves the files original data. Images in GIF and JPEG formats are lossy, while PNG, BMP and RAW are lossless formats for images. Complexity and size of digital files matter in relation to data storage limits because

Finally, how does the relationship between technology and productivity impact digital media? Imagine creating surrealist images without computers, digital cameras or photoshop... How would you do it? How might the end result differ from our digital format? Conclude with a critique of your best image and brief reflection of the results from our class critique. (6 sentence minimum)

1) Embed your slides presentation at the top
2) Insert 2 of your finished Surrealist images (not best) below 1st paragraph
3) Insert your BEST image & a photo bar of images it came from below 2nd paragraph
4) Place your critique results below the 3rd paragraph
5) Embed your Vimeo screencast before the tags

ALD 1.1 Assess how mathematics is used to create and manipulate digital media.
ALD 1.2 Assess how changes in digital technology affects the creation and manipulation of media content.

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