Monday, May 7, 2018

Photo Challenge

                                                     Day 1- Nature - Repetition of shapes

                                                          Day 2 - Eating - Point of view

Day 3 - Hydration - High angle

                                                              Day 4 - Light - Eye level

                                                          Day 5 - Beach - Ground level

                                                            Day 6 - Energy - Framing 

                                                                Day 7 - Floral - Macro

                                                           Day 8 - Creating - Birds eye

                                                            Day 9 - Sound - Low angle

                                                          Day 10 - Fear - Leading lines

The 15 day photo challenge was a way to challenge us in our photo taking skills with different angles and compositions. For example day 6 was energy and the composition was framing. It was a good way to challenge us in our creativity and skill. The days I was in charge of the critique was day 2 and day 9. I think after doing this photo challenge my photo taking skills improved. After doing this photo challenge I learned new and better ways to take high quality photos. 

ALD 4.1 Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.
ALD 4.2 Compare and contrast how various audiences perceive digital media to anticipate desired reactions and responses.

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